Why a low carbs diet will help you to lose weight more quickly and easily?

Carbohydrates are the source of fuel preferred from our body. When consuming a large quantity of carbs, the body will rely on them rather than on the stored fat, as source of energy. The problem is that carbs contain less than half of the energy contained in fats and it means that you will be more hungry, if you can’t even use the stored fat. 

Also, carbs are the primary driver for secretion of insulin, a hormone promoting the uptake, retention and storage of fat in the adipose tissue. So, if you will only use the energy introduced through the diet, then you will not lose weight in terms of fat. 

When you limit starches consumption and avoid sugars, the insulin will drop and the stored fat will start to be oxidized at a higher rate. This type of diet has an appetite suppressant effect due to a higher intake of proteins, which need longer time to be digested, and a higher intake of fibre, which will absorb water once in your stomach. 

Such an appetite suppressant effect will naturally reduce the food intake, being a further help for weight loss. Low carbs diet means that you eat fewer carbs (especially sugars), a higher amount of lean protein foods, and higher amount of unsaturated fats. A low carbs diet will be made up of not more than 10 % of complex carbohydrates, will be very low in sugars (that means 20 to 50 g/day) and high in fibre.

So – which foods can you eat? You can eat Meat, Fish, Eggs, Cheese, Oils, Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, and low-carbs green vegetables.  In case of a very low carbs intake, part of the fat will be transformed in ketones that, other than be used as source of energy, inhibit the hunger centre in your brain.