It is a hyper-protein diet and arises from the discovery that a total exclusion of carbohydrates could neutralizes the stimulating effect on the accumulation of fat exerted by insulin (whose concentration depends on carbohydrates) and activates the catabolism of adipose tissue. This type of diet requires a precise amount of proteins, containing accurate proportions of essential and partially essential amino acids, needed to prevent muscle proteins loss (since small quantities of proteins will be used as source of energy). Triglycerides are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol. Glycerol is converted into glucose. 40% of the fatty acids are used directly to perform muscle work. The remaining 60% of fatty acid is transformed into the so-called ketones. Ketons provide 25% of the energy required from the body during this diet; in addition, the brain will start to use ketones as primary energy source for 80% of its metabolism.


  1. Kidneys failure (creatinine > 1.5 mg / dl)
  2. Severe or moderate to severe hepatic insufficiency
  3. Insulin dependent diabetes (type 1)
  4. Atrioventricular block with QT > 0.44 ms
  5. Cardiac arrhythmias
  6. Heart failure
  7. Uncontrolled hypokalaemia
  8. Heart attack, TIA or Stroke in the past 12 months
  9. Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  10. Cancer
  11. Severe psychiatric disorders
  12. Seniors over 70 years old
  13. Children under the age of 14
  14. Chronic therapy with diuretics that eliminate potassium

In compliance with the provisions of the WHO, World Health Organization, a weight loss diet must follow 5 basic rules:

  • Be safe
  • Be restrictive enough to achieve a calorie deficit
  • Be balanced in micronutrients
  • Being able to improve the state of health
  • Be included in a comprehensive weight management program

The modern protein diet strictly follows these 5 imperatives. An initial period of weight loss through a very low calorie diet; there is a controlled ketosis (facilitated by alkalising supplements which raise the physiological PH); an appropriate nitrogen balance helps to protect muscle mass (in addition to dietary proteins, the diet is supplemented with precise quantities of essential and partially essential amino acids); an adequate supplementation of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) guarantees a physiological development of metabolic processes; a transition phase (nutrition re-education), performed through a dissociated diet, guarantees long-term results and an optimal state of health.

Advantages and Beneficial Effects

Short duration: The diet lasts from 12 to 21 days.
Rapid weight loss: Up to 300-500 grams weight loss per day that means up to 3 sizes lost once terminated the diet.
No hunger: It occurs by the 2nd-3rd day thanks to the production of ketones which inhibit brain’s hunger centre.
Mood: Ketones have an euphoric effect that makes it easier to follow this type of diet.

Targeted Lipolytic Effect

The very low levels of insulin reduce the accumulation of fat (especially in the abdominal area), and stimulate its use as source of energy.

  1. Insulin Levels reduction
  2. Oestrogens down-regulation which leads to fat accumulation decreasing (especially in gluteus and femoral areas)


It may occur during the first 2-3 days due to the transition from metabolism of sugars (main metabolism) to metabolism of fats (which are the main source of energy during the ketogenic diet). Make sure you are taking an adequate amount of amino acids, mineral salts and alkalising supplements and if needed, take an analgesic (drops or powder to dissolve under the tongue will act more quickly).

Bad breath?

It is due to acetone coming up from fat metabolism and means that you are following the diet correctly. A chlorophyll spray or simple peppermint chewing gums will help.


You can sort it out by increasing the consumption of allowed vegetables and drinking more water during the day, using pre- and pro-biotic supplements and if necessary, taking 1-2 tablets of Laxative along with a hot herbal infuse about 1 hour after dinner.


Make sure that you are taking the right amount of amino acids and that you are not consuming sugary foods (they inhibit ketones production. Increase the consumption of permitted vegetables and drink more water.

Weight loss lower as compared to expectations?

  • In the days leading up to menstruation and during the first days of menstruation, weight loss results lower due to an increased water retention; the result will only be delayed for a few days.
  • In cases where muscle mass is deficient, as occurs after previous not nutritionally balance diets followed by rapid weight re-gain, the reduced weight loss must be attributed to a partial recovery of previously lost muscle mass. If this is the case you will notice, in the early stages of the diet, a re-modeling of body silhouette, without significant weight loss.

Vertigo or orthostatic hypotension?

They can occur due to a sodium deficiency. Make sure that you are drinking a sufficient amount of water. Add a pinch of sea salt to the low-sodium salt when seasoning the vegetables and, if necessary, reduce or suspend the diuretic supplement.

Muscle cramps, extrasystoles, palpitations?

They can occur due to a lack of Potassium and / or Magnesium and / or Calcium. Make sure that these minerals are properly supplemented.

Menstrual cycle alterations?

They can occur due to the release of oestrogens from adipose tissue into the circulation when fat is catabolized. These changes are only temporary and a normal menstrual cycle will be restored soon.


The diet must be suspended to avoid hypokalaemia. Start a pre-and probiotic supplementation and then request your doctor advice.

Uricemia before starting the diet plan or while following it?

Ask for your doctor advice before starting the diet.

Biliary lithiasis?

It can occur due to an over-saturation of the bile, especially if there is a low water intake. Make sure you drink enough water and if you don’t sort it out then request your doctor advice.


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